Zhongshan unified enterprise co., LTD

Zhongshan unified enterprise co., LTD(Unif)In1995Years06Month14Set up the enterprise investment£¬The total amount of investment4,849Thousands of dollars£¬The registered capital is1,940Thousands of dollars£¬Is located in zhongshan city, guangdong province£¬Covers an area of80m¡£Company specializing in the production of aquatic feed and fish feed£¬Introduce Taiwan unified enterprise accumulation40Years of aquatic feed production advanced technology and experience¡£Always adhere to the¡°Unqualified raw material does not enter the factory£¬Unqualified products factory¡±The principle of£¬In order to¡°Quality¡¢The unity of technology and service¡±For the purpose£¬To provide customers with the best feed quality and service¡£¡±Is unified Aqua master Koi Food¡°High-end koi fish feed¡¢¡°Po number¡°Koi fish feed¡¢¡±Fish colour Fish Colour¡°Ornamental fish feed in the aquarium industry establish a good brand image£¬Deeply domestic and foreign professionals¡£

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